Thursday, February 17, 2011


As the title states, I have a problem. What is this problem? Well, it has something to do with my camera. Well, not my camera specifically, but my camera's memory card. In short, I lost it. In other words, I can't find it. Basically, I misplaced it. What does this mean? This means that I CAN'T TAKE ANY PICTURES. This is bad. Well, I could always go buy another one, I suppose, but money is tight. Basically, I am in a different picture taking crisis than the one I was in a month ago (which I have escaped from, for the most part). I plan on replacing it sometime in the near future, preferably before springs comes around (officially). But in the meantime, I'm going to "resolve" this issue (not really though), by just posting a bunch of pictures that I don't think I've posted to this blog yet, that I thought you all might enjoy (...and cross my fingers that my memory card will turn up somewhere soon!). :)


I would enjoy knowing which ones are your favorite, if you have any! :)


  1. Nice! I really like the purple flowers, the black and white farm equipment with the red sign and the last one of the birds that look 'shawdowish' :O) mom

  2. I like the goldenrods and the little kitty! =)

  3. Hey, Judah, I really liked the fire picture, and the picture of the bird with sticks in its beak.