Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Snowstorm.

A decently sized snowstorm hit us over the latter part of this past weekend. I haven't taken any official measurements yet (it only really stopped snowing just now), but my guess would be 15+ inches. Yesterday, we went out on a hike on a backtrail in our neighborhood during the peak of the storm. It was snowing really, really hard. If you looked down the street, you couldn't see more than 50 yards in front of you. It was that heavy. It was so heavy in fact, that St. Paul (only 10 minutes away) recorded THUNDER snow (you can see it here). Unfortunately, I didn't (couldn't) bring my camera with me during the hike because of my memory card problem, but when we got home, I found out I could actually take 3 to 4 pictures from my camera's internal memory (happiness!). That's when I took these photos:

This photo reminds me of some 1940's Nazi general standing out in the snow. Just give him a machine gun, and the picture will be complete. :P


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  2. How can you call 15+ inches "decently sized"? I would put it in a more epic category. Furthermore, I'll bet we had 2 ft when it was all said and done...